Sree Maladevan (Malanada)

Here Maladeva is consecrated and worshipped as Maladevatha. This shrine is situated in the eastern side, opposite of the main temple, facing west-wards. Important offerings

  • Thampoola or Betel leaves :  It is an offering comprised of betel leaves, aracanut, chunam or quick lime, a coin etc.,
  • Tender coconut
  • Karutha Mundu
  • Karuppu kacha (a kind of black rough cloth)
  • Thrimadhuram:  Kadalippazham, sugar candy and honey are the main ingredients of this offering.

Sree Maha Ganapathy

This shrine is situated in the Kannimoola at the south west of the main temple, facing eastwards. Important offerings

  • Ashtadravya Mahaganapathi Homam
  • Ganapathi Homam
  • Unniyappam (a kind of sweet cake)
  • Modhakam (a sweet ball made of green gram and jaggery)
  • Karukamaala [a garland made of a species of fodder grass, (a kind of grass used for rituals)]
  • Mukkuttimaala (a sensitive medical plant which bears small yellow flowers).

Sree Brahmarakhshass

(The spirit of Brahmin who met with gruesome death) The shrine is situated in the south-west of Ganapathi temple facing eastwards. Important Offerings

  • Palpayasam (a sweet preparation with rice in milk)
  • Kadalipazham (a species of plantain used in rituals).

Nagaraja and Nagarani

This sub-deity shrine is situated in the south-west of Brahmarakshas facing east.Important Offerings

  • Sarppabali (a holy sacrifice dedicated to serpent)
  • Aayillya Pooja [The Ninth lunar asterism, the forfeit of Leo (considered auspicious for serpent worship)]
  • Noorum Paalum (a mixture of rice powder, turmeric powder and milk)
  • Dhaara (uninterrupted flow of water on an idol)
  • Sarppapooja (Serpent pooja)

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