Sree Mahaganapathi Temple, Elanthoor

This decades old Mahaganapathi Temple located at Elanthoor, small hamlet at Pathanamthitta district, is a marker of culturally ancient period. According to legend once it was a ‘Nagathara’, where the Mahaganapathi was worshiped along with Naga Goddess. Later it was renovated and dedicated to Sree Mahaganapathi.

Ganapathy – son of Shiva and Parvathy, is one of the popular deities worshipped by Hindus. Ganapathy Puja was prevalent in Kerala since the ancient times. All temple events and other good events starts with a Ganapathy Homam or by breaking a coconut in front of Lord Ganesha.

Ganesha is the God of Knowledge and is invoked at the commencement of any function. He is the god that protects his devotees from any obstacles (vighnam). Hence the name Vighneswara. He is also described as the Supreme Leader (Vinayaka).Ganapathy is said to have had two spouses. Buddhi (intellect) and Siddhi (achievement). Thus he is the master of knowledge and achievement. As Ekadanta, the Lord has limitless powers. As Heramba, he removes obstacles. As Lambodara, He protects all worlds. As Surpa Karna, He shows compassion by giving the highest knowledge. All these names for Lord Vinayaka, who is the Lord of all.

The Lord has four hands. In one hand he has a rope (ankusha) while in another he has an axe. With the axe he cuts off the attachment of his devotees to the world of plurality and thus end all the sorrows that go with it. The rope is used to pull the devotee close and closer to the Truth. The holding of the ankusha represents His rulership of the world. It is the emblem of divine Royalty. In a third hand he holds a rice ball that represents the joys of Sadhana. With the other hand he blesses his devotees and protects them from obstacles that they may encounter on their Spiritual path of seeking the Supreme.

The present sanctorum of this temple was designed by renowned film maker Sri. Rajeev Anjal and was dedicated to the devotees by Kappil Sri. Balakrishnana Nair (Gandhimathi Balan) in 1984. A famous astrologer Dr. Udayakumar, Thrikkunnapuzha conducted a Devapreshnam in March 2011 and suggested some immediate atonement rites. Following this Sri. AV Shivan, an exponent of Vasthu Gurukulam, Aranmula designed the complete arch structure and structural plan of the temple. I was found that a new Nagathara should be constructed outside the sanctum and the idles of Nagaraja, Nagayakshi and Balanagam are to be installed. The sanctum sanctorum should be renovated in accordance with the principles laid down by Vastushatra and Shilpastra, Devapreshnam said. The Devapreshnam found also found that a Sevapanthal (Aanakottil), a Chuttumathil (an enclosure wall), an Alankaragopuram, a Manikkinar, a Thidappalli and a Devaswom office to be constructed. Then the temple authorities and renovation committee has been resolved to complete the renovation work in two phases. The first phase of renovation work of the temple is the construction of the sanctum in Krishnashila covered with hundreds of stone figures of mythological gods and goddesses. The Gopuram would be constructed in pure teakwood and encrusted with copper and bronze. The idol of Mahaganapathi would be installed in the sanctum sanctorum in accordance with the principles laid down by Shadadhar consecration. The first phase of renovation of the temple has been completed. After the completion of the renovation processes, some other constructions have to be done, which is in the second phase. The idol of Mahaganapathi is depicted as ‘Gajasunu’ and ‘Vakrathunda’ inside the sanctum, which is renovated with a golden dome atop of it and a hooded golden Nagas (serpent), each facing towards four horizons. The wall of the sanctum is engraved with figures of Dwarapalakas.

The second phase of renovation of the temple comprises construction of Namaskara Mandapam, Alankaragopuram with a temple treasury, enclosure wall with Chuttuvilakku, Thidapalli and renovation of temple courtyard. The total cost of the renovation of the temple is estimated to approximately one crore rupees.

Sree Mahaganapathi Temple opens 5:30 AM every day
Time Poojes
Morning 5.00 - 10.30 AM
Evening 5.00 - 8.00 PM

Important Poojas

  • Mahaganapathi Homam
  • Annadanam
  • Thulabharam
  • Deeparadhana

Special Festivals

  • Meena Chadurthimaholsavam and Mahaganapathi Homam
  • Vrichikachirappu – 41 days long
  • Pradishtamaholsavam (Annual festival) on Aswathi day in Malayalam month of Meenam
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