Pallivetta (an item in a Temple Festival)

‘Pallivetta’ is a temple ritual.  It is performed on the 9th day of the festival.  The “Thidambu” (idol), will be taken on an elephant in a procession from ‘Aalthara Temple’ to ‘Nagavara’, which is 2.5 kilometeres far from Aalthara Temple and on the eastern side of the main temple.  In the evening, after the temple rituals, the elephant carrying the thidambu and the “Pallikkuruppu”, along with devotees from surrounding four ‘Kara’ (regions) move silently to the sacred palliyaal of Devi and the pallivetta rites will be followed.  After that the devotees of ‘Nagavara’ accord a Royal welcome to Devi with the accompaniment of a spectacular fire work display and the thidambu (idol) is taken back to the main temple in a procession.  At the temple, the thidambu is laid on a sacred silk bed in the Sree Kovil, then the Devi is allowed to ‘Palliyurakkam’ and the temple premises goes to a deep silence.