Aarattu (thiruvulsavam on 10th day)

Sri Bhagavathikkunnu Devi ‘Aarattezhunnellippu’ (procession) starts on the 10th day around 3 p.m. from Sri Bhagavathikkunnu Temple.  After performing customary poojas, the elephant carrying the thidambu (idol) is taken as a procession with the accompaniment of ‘Pambamelam’, ‘Kettukazcha’ (gigantic effigy of bulls), ‘Velakali’ and ‘Ammankudam’.  Then it circumambulates and venerates Sri Mala Deva.  After that, the procession slowly moves forward and reaches Sri Narayanmangalam Dharma Shasta Temple past Palachuvadu, Elanthoor Neduveli Junction, Pariyaram, Elanthoor market and Sri Maha Ganapati Temple.  The Aarattu of Devi (immersing idol in holy water) is done in a holy pond of Sri Narayanamangalam Dharma Sastha Temple. 

The devotees throng all on roads, by lanes, and house fronts and witness this ritual religious fervor.  The procession is taken back amides the devotional chanting ’Amme Narayana’, ‘Amme Narayana’ and ‘Devi Narayana’ and reaches Elanthoor Maha Ganapati Temple. From there, the procession carrying the thidambu proceeds to Sri Bhagavathikkunnu Devi Temple covering a radius of places like Khadi and Village Industries Board, Narayanapuram, Aalunkal padi and Sri Maha Vishnu Temple.  And the Aarattu will be drawn across after performing ‘Seva’ with auspicious poojas,’ Valiya kanikka’ and flag lowering.  The flag lowering ceremony will be held as soon as the Aarattu procession reaches the main temple in the evening marking the culmination of the ten day festival.  The Aarattu procession carrying the thidambu at floodlit temple precincts during night is stunning and spectacular.

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