Sree Hari Krishan Potti

Elanthoor Narayanamagalam Ellam Hari Krishan Potti is the priest of the temple.


Karakkad Brahma Rakshas and Naga Devas are the moolasthanam. A special pooja is performed here in the Malayalam month of kanni and Aayilya Pooja in the Malayalam month of thulam.

Names Birth Stars Related Trees

Each tree here keeps giving energy to that particular person born during that particular star.

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Birth Star Tree Planting

‘He who plants trees on the earth will never lose his place in the heaven’- from MAHASHIVAPURANAM.

Birth Star Tree Planting

See the photo of Birth Star Tree Planting

Navarathri Celebration

Temple Chief Priest

2021 Kodiyettam

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