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Sree Mahavishnu Temple

Sree Mahavishnu Temple, situated at Elanthoor, a small hamlet in Pathanamthitta Districtis considered as an ancestral temple. This centuries old temple was once owned by Peruvam Devaswam. Tradition is that their once a dacoits attacked the temple and looted the valuables and destroyed its holly mast and Ballikallu since then the temple was left abandoned for many years. In 2012, the temple was renovated and ritualistic consecration ceremony was performed. It is believed that,”Pradoshavradham” was performed here.

Sree Bhagavathikkunnu Devi Temple is situated on the eastern direction around 200 meters far from Sree Mahavishnu temple. There is an ancient pond known as Pervam pond infront of this temple. Years ago this shrine was surrounded by paddy lands and ponds. But a new constructed road separated them into two. Decades ago, the pooja ceremony of the Bhagavathikkunnu Devi temple were done only after pooja rituals of Sree Mahavishnu Temple.

Lord Vishnu is depicted with four hands holding Shanku (Conch), Gadha (Cudgel), Sudarshan Chakra (a spinning, disk-like weapon) and Thamara (Lotus) in each. The consecration day of the temple is observed on rohini nakshatra in the Malayalam month of medam, as a prelude to the ten day long Dashavathara Charthu maholsavam. This offerings and ritual of Dashacathara Charthu are done by devotees.

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Sree Mahavishnu Temple opens 5:30 AM every day

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Important Offerings
Palpayasam, thrimadhuram, thrikkiivenna and thulasimala

Palpayasam: A sweet preparation of rice and milk

Thrimadhuram: A combination of Kadhalippazham, Kalkkandam, honey and ghee.

Thrikkiivenna: Pure ghee is put in the right hand of the idol of Lord Vishnu and later it is distributed among the devotees as Prasadam.

Sub-Deity: Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the main sub-deity of the temple. Salagramam is enshrined and worshiped here. So Mahashivarathi festival is being celebrated every year. Twelve edangazhi rice is cooked and distributed to devotees as annadanam. Malarnivedhyam and Dhara are the only two offerings to sub-deity Lord Shiva.

The ritualistic Sapthaham was performed in the last there consecutive year.Laksharchana will be held next year in the month of Chingam. Five priest put sacred earthen pot at six in the early morning marking the beginning of the Laksharchana celebrations. Each one of the priests, repeat chant the holy mantra ‘Vishnu Sahasranamam’ for 7 times and the Laksharchana will come to an end with abhishekam. And the sanctum will be closed with Deeparadhana. All the poojas and rituals of this temple are performed as per tantric sastra.